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Infusion Therapies

We offer in-home and in-suite infusion therapy services, including care coordination and continued monitoring. 

Professional teams, specialized care.

Our teams work with your physicians to provide specialized care, including monitoring and support throughout the course of your therapy.

Your comfort and health are our top priority.

In-home services

In-home infusion therapy allows patients to receive their infusion therapy comfortably and safely in their home. Our clinicians provide training and education to ensure you feel confident in receiving your prescribed therapy at home.


In-suite services

Our private infusion suites allow you to receive your infusions in a comfortable clinical setting. Our skilled nurses administer your prescribed therapy and are available to you every step of the process.

in suite services

All our nurses have been friendly thus putting me at ease.  They have all been professional and knew just what I needed and how to do the job.  Several of them had multiple suggestions to help me with a problem I was having.  Great job! 

Debrah C.

Five HUGE stars are awarded to my experience with the staff of Barnes Healthcare Services in Gainesville, FL.  Everyone that I spoke with on the phone was extremely courteous and helpful.  Thanks to the entire staff who I interacted with.  I hope I don’t ever have to go thru the infusion process again, but if I do, I now have the knowledge and confidence that I can do it again. 

Rebecca W.

Barnes has been great every step of the way. They did a fantastic job of explaining and teaching me about my machine and have been prompt with any necessary follow ups. 

Alison L.

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